Everybody Growing

Daughter Churches

The Pentecostal Fire Church
Krishna Chhetri is the pastor of a growing church mainly made up of new Canadians from the countries of Nepal and Bhutan. Krishna had a dream while still in Nepal that God had lifted him up and placed him in a beautiful country. In his dream, after he was placed in that country a fire fell from heaven and started a fire on earth which continued to get larger and larger. Krishna believes the country in his dream was Canada and the fire is a Holy Ghost revival. The fire has started and this work which meets on the east-end of Ottawa is being impacted by the heat. You may contact Krishna at 613-680-0596 or 613-355-7158

l’Église Fleuve d’Eau Vive de Gatineau
Pastor Michel and a small group of people launched this church in Gatineau, Quebec in February 2012. Pastor Michel and his leadership team have a great vision for what God has for them to do in this City. Currently they have 10 nations represented among the constituents. Services are held at 10:30 AM Sunday and 7 PM Tuesday at 122 Rue Berri (2nd Floor) in Gatineau. If you plan to attend you will need to get your seat early, they are at a premium. Pastor Michel may be reached at bonnenouvelle@hotmail.com.