Everybody Growing


Life can spin us around, turn us upside down and outright set us backwards. Big decisions seem to be required at times when we are least prepared to make them. Today's youth need tools and guidance that can help them navigate through life’s most challenging decisions .As relationships bud, flourish or whither, emotions flare as they attempt to balance these relationships while transitioning to high school, college or university. Amidst this confusion, unpredictability and instability certain questions remain: WHO AM I, AND WHO AM I SUPPOSED TO BE?

Our Youth ministry is all about engaging young people in timely and relevant discussions, workshops and district-wide events. The goal is to create opportunities for youth to meet new people, build relationships and hang out together doing fun and wholesome activities.

Planned events are held each Wednesday for the youth! For more information “LIKE” us on facebook at: Stittsville UPC Youth

Directors: Ricardo Hatfield, Jessica McCarty & Jomi Williams

Stittsville UPC Hyphen is a group for singles ages 18-35. The goal of this ministry is to better ourselves by growing together in relationship with God, the church, our community and each other.

This is accomplished through events such as community service, conventions, discussion groups and event nights ie/ amazing race, bowling etc.

For more information “LIKE” us on facebook at: SUPC Hyphen

Director: Airell Ferreras may be contacted at airell.ferreras@gmail.com

Sunday School
Our Sunday School Department offers activities and classes for all age groups ranging from nursery to Youth.

Children are placed under the care of trained teachers who present the word of God in dynamic and engaging forms catered to the age groups. The ultimate goal of every teacher is to see children and young people apply the word of God in their lives to become “Everything God wants them to be".

We take pride in the effort undertaken by each teacher to put their best foot forward in the presentation of their class room, to study out God's word earnestly and to have a burden for the diverse group of children that attend Sunday school each week.

We invite your children to become a part of this dynamic ministry where they can enjoy learning the word of God and stay motivated to build a relationship with Christ.

Director: Cindy Dummitt

Bible Studies
If you are interested in learning more about the Bible we invite you to attend our Wednesday evening Bible Study sessions at 7:30 pm. The word of God will not only change your life, but your destiny too.

Home Bible Studies are also offered and explore the Bible from the beginning of Genesis all the way through to Revelation for just one hour a week!

If you would like to learn more about this program please contact the director or see one of the ushers after service; they will be glad to assist you!

Director: Kelvin Shaw may be contacted at kmutafya@gmail.com