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These days the idea that everybody should be growing has consumed our thinking at SUPC. We believe this is what God has for all of us; regardless of age, culture, gender, language, social class or whatever kingdom seniority we rightly or wrongly lay claim to.

  • Letís grow well balanced respectful children who know how to have fun.
  • Letís grow ambitious focused teenagers that enjoy life now but have not taken their eye off the future.
  • Letís grow young adults in which education, careers and relationships are simply added to their already completed life and are not the things by which they derive respect or status.
  • Letís grow married couples who are contented right now with their house, their clothes, their car and each other.
  • Letís grow grandparents that we are leaning on for stability. That can assure us that through every storm, be it political, economical or even in natural disaster...God is Faithful (Psalm 37:25).

God made everyone of us unique and for a very specific purpose (Psalm 139:14). He has given you gifts and abilities that you probably havenít even discovered yet. So whether you have been attending church all your life or this is your very first time inside a church; whether you feel like a success or failure are really not the important questions. The road you have been travelling is not nearly as significant as the road that is opening up before you now...itís a new road and it promises to be the ride of your life. Itís what God has for you...itís time to grow.

Frequently Asked Questions

When do you meet?
We hold worship services Sunday morning and evening and Wednesday evening for bible study. (See the home page for times.)

What will Sunday Morning be like?
At SUPC we welcome open worship as expressed in the book of Acts. Don't expect a quiet service! Feel free to join in during our worship by clapping your hands, singing along and lifting your hands to show your praise to God.

What programs do you have available for kids?
Sunday school classes are offered to kids ages 2-18 years of age. Please see the Sunday School link page for more details. We also have a nursery available for children 2 years old and younger.

What if I have a prayer request?
Prayer request cards are available at the entrance of the church. Feel free to ask an usher or hostess for a card to complete at the beginning of service and your need will be noted during the service.

What type of music do you sing?
We believe music is used to set an atmosphere of worship and praise to God. The scriptures tell us, "let everything that hath breath praise the Lord" and this is what we aim to do at SUPC. We have a team of talented musicians and singers who play and sing a dynamic mix of gospel, contemporary christian and good old-fashioned hymns, all for the glory of God.